A Heartfelt Thank You! 

Reminder everyone:  Tomorrow, April 24, 2018 is a very important day-  it’s Administrator Assistant's Day, or more simply put, a very special day to say "THANK YOU" aloud to those secretaries who help your work life run a little smoother.

I am one of the fortunate ones to have three wonderful ladies who help me keep the high school and the 350 plus students and staff all moving in the same direction.  I could talk about teamwork and how important secretaries are to an efficient and effective team or I could write about the fact that good secretaries, like mine, know my strengths, but better yet my weaknesses and know what I am going to need before I even need it!  But, I think I am actually going to speak to the importance of positive recognition, heartfelt gratitude, or even the importance of a genuine thank you.

You know how you learn something from every person who comes into your life?  Well, I waitressed for years and every Friday night after I would count my box and get ready to clock out, my manager would always, always say, “Thank you!” as I made my way out the door at the end of my shift.  That has stuck with some 15 years later, especially now as a manager.  He didn’t have to say thank you to me, after all, I was being paid for my work and I needed my work as much as he needed me.  That’s it though, he didn’t need to say “Thank you!” but he did because he genuinely appreciated the work I did as member of his team.  It is kind of amazing how two simple words made me feel important and like I mattered.

And, ultimately, that’s what everyone wants, to be important or to matter.  I say it all the time to students that I counsel, everyone from the most “popular” students to even the crankiest of teachers, each and every one of us, just wants to matter, know that we are appreciated, and important to the world.  That is why days like Secretary’s Day are crucial.  They make us take a minute to pause, reflect, and genuinely recognize some of the people that are very important to us.  Maybe we should make every day a Secretary’s Day of sorts….  After all, it sure feels nice to matter!

Thank you Kelsey, Mandi, and Tina for your time and talents.  I am so glad we are on the same team at Central Lee High School.     

Posted by nherdrich On 24 April, 2018 at 11:47 AM  

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