Pinterest Quotes to Live By 

You may not know this yet, but I am a Pinterest junkie, especially when it comes to quotes, sayings, and of course education related stuff.  I could reference a couple of quotes today actually, like-  “Educators don’t need the weather forecast because they can gauge the weather based on the actions of students” or “Don’t judge me until you have walked in my shoes.”  Why these two, you ask?  Well, for starters, spring is in full bloom both outside and inside the high school. 

Yesterday, a few of our seniors decided a funny was completely needed.  It might have been funny but I am the Principal so I am expected not to laugh.  I was frustrated though.  It’s too early… it is May 1st for goodness sakes!  We still have three weeks of learning time, and learn we must!  I get that they are seniors and they want to have fun, but I also know that when you give a teenager an inch they push a mile.  Welcome Tuesday’s conundrum…  laugh it off or throw the book at them? 

What do I want to do?  I really don’t know.  Okay, so, how do I feel?  FRUSTRATED.  I love these seniors.  They are funny, smart, sweet, charming, and really pretty darn good young people.  But, and I say but, are these things enough to let them walk away from a fairly significant senior prank that 300 other students saw mind you, scot-free?  If I do nothing, I will surely have staff upset, as well as people of the community, who will say this is just another piece of evidence that I am too soft. 

   So, what to do?  Time to walk on the balance beam of principalship (or life) and in the end probably make everyone a little unhappy.  First, and always first, consider what is best for the students.  In this case, they do need to learn that their actions impact others, not everything they do is funny, and that causing disruptions in the learning day can’t be allowed, all the while not letting this seem like the end of the world, because it’s not.  Second, call the parents and ask for help.  Getting parent input on what I should do communicates to the parents that I am on their child’s side and that ultimately, I like their student, just not their behavior choice.  And, third, make the consequence something meaningful that makes up for their bad choice.  With this case, they could do something nice for the school to compensate for their smelly disruption.

Hence, comes the second quote, “Don’t judge me until you have walked in my shoes.”  I wish every time I make a decision I had an opportunity to explain my thinking and my process but unfortunately, I don’t, so I need the audience to trust me and know that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a reason for my decisions.  And, lastly, more than anything, I know I am far from perfect.  I am learning and growing just like everyone else.  If I make a bad decision and recognize it quickly, I am not beyond apologizing and I will store it away for reference the next time a similar issue arises because after all the “best learning comes from making a mistake.”  You can find the quote on Pinterest, too!          

Posted by nherdrich On 02 May, 2018 at 2:33 PM  

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