Your best is perfect! 

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  When I became a principal, I made a commitment to recognizing the hard work and efforts of teachers because even for the short nine years I was in the classroom, I knew all too well that in education, complaints are many and compliments were few.   Teacher Appreciation Week is one of those perfect times for me to make sure I recognize the professionals that work every day to educate our young people.  I do use the word professional because I have never met a teacher who doesn't want to be the best educator he or she can be, or one who comes to school lacking the desire to do their best.  Just like with all humans, best doesn’t mean perfect.  Perfect is especially difficult when you are working with people who belong to people.  That makes for a lot of perspective, doesn’t it?   Doubled by the fact that teaching today doesn’t just mean teaching.  It means-  providing safety, ensuring nutrition, tracking physical activity, role playing social skills, developing soft skills, counseling and consoling, peer mediating, not to mention the main goal of educating and academics!  Yeah… all that!?!  All that sounds a lot like the job of being a parent, huh?  Yep, being a teacher is a lot like being a mom or a dad.   We even accidently get called Mom or Dad on occasion by our students.  And, the funny thing, Teacher Appreciation Week ended with Mother’s Day.  Another special day that recognizes a very, most important job-  being a mom.  In fact, (another important Pinterest fact!) according to Jim Trelease, a child spends 7800 hours at home and only 900 hours at school during the school year.  This speaks loudly to me.  Being a mom is the most important job I have!  My passion, like many of the teachers I teach with, is education and helping to grow young people.  What I can’t forget though is that I must also fully commit to another most important job I have, being a mom.  So take a minute today to thank a few people who may not be perfect, but work to their best every day to grow good people-  teachers and moms!   

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."
Mrs. Herdrich

Posted by nherdrich On 15 May, 2018 at 9:27 AM  

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